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Data capturing means converting data in physical formats to digital formats with a high degree of accuracy by means of Scanning, Keyboarding, and OCR methodologies.

Physical formats that we handle are Printed Books, Forms, Questionnaires even with handwritten content.

Intec provides expertise and custom solutions in this domain for in English as well as French, German and other languages in the Roman script.

Once provided with the content, we scan it into a digital format, Then our custom developed “Double Keyboarding” process is put into practice, This process ensures a quality in terms of accuracy of more the 99.995% irrespective of the nature of content.

The captured content can now be converted into ASCII Text, Tagged Text (XML, XHTML) or Database formats as per the customers specifications using customized text converts which are developed by our software support team keeping in mind the specific requirements of every individual customer.

A strict quality check for the content makes sure that the desired quality levels are maintained. Our processes are scalable on short notice and we can process large and deliver large volumes on a daily basis consistently.

Advantages for you :

  • Multiple input formats including hardcopies.
  • High Accuracy 99.995%
  • Incorporation of handwritten editorial correction in manuscript.
  • Files supplied tagged to specifications for Word, XML, XHTML, Quark, Indesign and other proprietary formats.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • Competitive pricing with volume based discounts.
  • English, German, French and other European languages supported.

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